Hi guys hope you are having a good day.

Most of us have tried the latest Microsoft OS (windows 8). It’s really brilliant OS.
As a web developer you have installed one of the local web servers like WAMP.
If you have tried to get WAMP online on windows 8 it will fail. I guessed that other server is listening to port 80 and i was right 😀
To know who is listening on port 80 just run WAMP and have a left click on the tray icon choose Apache->service->Test port 80 the command prompt window will appear and you will know who is listening on port 80.

For windows 8 IIS 8 server is installed automatically and runs also automatically on windows start up. All you’ll need to do is ti disable it from running on start up and here is the solution

launch control panel-> Administrative tools->services from the services search for a service called (World Wide Web Publishing Service) double click on it then set the start up type to disables then press apply the ok, restart your windows, run your WAMP server and every thing will be OK 🙂
Word Wide Web Publishing Service

Hope you enjoyed
Thanks 🙂


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  1. ahmed shalby [Katkoot :D] says:

    I hate Windows 8 😀

  2. sajibsrs says:

    Thanks for the solution.It helped me.Assala mu alaikum…

  3. Praveen Puglia says:

    Well i have a workaround that works by changes in wamp itself and not in core windows. its here.


  4. Alaa Attya Mohamed says:

    ooooh all that shit cz of IPV6, hilarious article 🙂

  5. Manoj says:

    thanks bro…….

  6. Strafford says:

    I dont have the option of World Wide Web…. 😦 how do i fix this issue ?

    • try to check what is running on the port 80. You can do this using the port80 test. Click on the tray icon of WAMP from the menu choose apache->service->Test port 80 then it will show what is running in the port 80. Usually it may be Skype 😉

      Test port 80

  7. MikeRG says:

    After checking everything and finding all of the suggestions all ready correct, This one was it. I closed skype down and Wamp went green.

  8. vince4all says:

    i didn’t find world wide web publishing service properties… in services

  9. osaze says:

    My wamp still not working. did the test on port 80 and no service was using the port. But my wamp is still red.

  10. Chien says:

    You are champion. Thanks. It helps.

  11. tilak says:

    since i just installed the wamp server and it went on green…but the browers says “Forbidden
    You don’t have permission to access /phpmyadmin/ on this server.”
    why is this sooo??
    any solution for it..? thanks in advance

  12. Medina says:

    thank you very much

  13. Davis Byamugisha says:

    nice post man

  14. Ana says:

    closed skype, wampserver is turned on green, but it doesn´t work and I can´t find the w3 publishing service in the list….
    It´s not that I hate windows 8, I hate Microsoft for making this s…..t

    • run port 80 test and keep me updated with the results

      • Ana says:

        Nothing else as Wampserver using it

      • ummm i think something missed up with the config files, just re-install wamp and everything will go alright

      • Ana says:

        Reinstalled Wamp, started the computer again, found the file w3 publishing service and put it off. Restarted again, but… nothing. Still get the error that i don´t have permission to open the localhost site. It must have to do with Windows 8, in 7 it worked all fine. By the way, windows is running as an administrator-user, just as the standard is when you start in windows 8. There are no other users installed.

      • Ana says:

        Solved the problem, it really must be something stupid from windows 8. Instead of calling the localhost bij naming it localhost, I typed and I got access. Don´t know why, in Windows 7 I never had problems with typing localhost.
        Thanks anyway for thinking with me.

  15. shebente says:

    thanx it works for me

  16. ank says:

    here is the good article on basic PHP WAMP configuration issues.
    A) conflict on apache port 80
    b) phpmyadmin acccess denied
    c) 403 Forbiodden error comes when try to open the server using IP instead of localhost).
    and more…


  17. Hello my friend! I wish to say that this post is awesome, nice written and come
    with almost all vital infos. I’d like to peer more posts like this .

  18. sinu says:

    Thanks . It worked for me

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